The Guru CMMS is a modular system based on four (4) types of components:

· Free Components
· Licensed Components
· Evaluation Components
· Registered Components


Free components are items that are available at no cost and can be downloaded directly from the site. With all free components, there are no restrictions or limitations within the application.

The following items are currently classified as free components:

· The Guru Console
· The Welcome Add-In
· The Access Editor Add-In
· The Contact Manager Add-In
· The Equipment Manager Add-In
· The Conversions Add-In

You can continually use and upgrade these components at no cost or obligation.


Licensed components are items that are available at no cost and can be downloaded directly from the site. However, these components do have restrictions/limitations built-in within the application. If you have purchased a user license, then all restrictions/limitations are automatically lifted. Otherwise, the restrictions/limitations exist until a user license is purchased.

The following items are currently classified as licensed components:

· Password Warehouse Add-In
· LabPort Add-In

You can continually use and upgrade these components at no cost or obligation.


Evaluation components are simply registered components that contain built-in limitations. The purpose of evaluation components are to allow you to evaluate the use and functionality of an add-in to determine if you want to purchase the registered version, which contains no limitations.


Registered components are items that must be purchased in order to experience the full scope of the application. Registered components and future upgrades are downloaded directly from the site via your own personal portal that is set up after purchase. However, evaluation copies of registered components are available for downloading directly from our add-in library.

Your system must have a license in order for any registered component to work. Registered components will not work on non-licensed systems, however evaluation versions will work since they do not require a license.

The following items are currently classified as registered components:

· Inventory Manager Add-In
· Maintenance Manager Add-In
· Purchasing Manager Add-In
· eNotify Add-In
· SysAgent Add-In

The following is the cost matrix for registered components:

 Registered Component Cost    Cost
 Inventory Manager Add-In    $425.00
 Maintenance Manager Add-In    $425.00
 Purchasing Manager Add-In    $425.00
 eNotify Add-In    $350.00
 SysAgent Add-In    $350.00

You may purchase licenses for your Guru console to utilize registered and licensed components.

As per the EULA agreement, ONE (1) copy of this software may either be used (1) by a single person who uses the software personally on one or more computers, or (2) by multiple people non-simultaneously on a single workstation, but not both. (b) You may access this software through a network, provided that you are the only person who may use the software or you have obtained individual licenses for the software covering all workstations that will access the software through the network. For instance, if eight different workstations will access the software on the network, each workstation must have its own license, regardless of whether the workstation access the software at different times or concurrently.

 License Cost    Cost
 License    $230.00
 Site License (unlimited users/machines)    $7,500.00

All license(s) will be e-mailed to you upon purchase.

For all users, we offer FREE e-mail customer support. For each e-mail we receive, we will try to resolve your issue as soon as possible. However, if you need immediate support, we also offer telephone support which will allow you to communicate with a live representative.

 Support Service    Cost
 E-Mail Support    FREE
 Telephone Support    FREE for 30+ Days (based on package purchased)
 Extended Telephone Support (U.S.)    $950.00 per year.
 Extended Telephone Support (Int'l)    $1,550.00 per year.

When you purchase an add-in, you will automatically receive upgrades for the add-in FREE for the first year via your personal portal. If you would like to continue to receive upgrades for the add-in's you purchase, we provide this service at a cost.

 Upgrades    Cost
 Upgrades for one (1) year.    FREE
 Additional Year    $165 per year; per registered add-in.

We offer quality user manuals which describe everything regarding our CMMS including all of the add-in's provided. Manuals are fully detailed and contain hundreds of graphical images to make learning easy.

 Item    Cost
 User Manual (Hard copy, bound)    $125 each.

We support online purchasing via credit card or by check, or all methods of payment via mail.

If you have any questions regarding pricing, please
contact us so that we may answer your questions.

All prices are in U.S. Dollars. Int'l (International) pricing refers to anyone outside the continental United States. Payments made via wire transfer may incur additional costs. Utah residents must pay a 5.95% sales tax on top of total purchase price if purchasing by mail. Prices are effective 01/01/2017. Prices subject to change at any time.