The following are
compressed release notes. For detailed updates, please refer to the RELEASE.TXT file after the upgrade has been insatlled; or, for registered clients, please refer to the release notes from your customer portal.

Maintenance Manager - Version 9.0.2
a. Visual Scheduler - The visual scheduler allows you to view your workload in a calendar-based format. You can modify due dates using drag-and-drop functionality. Includes both summary and work order views. Forecasting capabilities available to review future workload.
b. Routine Forecasting - You can now forecast individual routines to see the upcoming dates when the routine will be posted into a work order.
c. Activity Health Analysis - You can now easily review which work orders are being actively worked and those that have remained idle. Includes configurable thresholds.
d. The dashboard now contains four additional indicators.
e. When work orders/requests are generated, "creation" records are now created to show when and who posted the work order/request.
f. An additional administrative option to prevent non-operational equipment from being selected when creating new work requests.
g. A "Notify Originator when work order/request has been marked finished" option has been added to the e-mail notification menu.
h. You can now create a new routine by right-clicking on a task from the task manager.
i. Few UI changes and bug fixes.
Purchasing Manager - Version 5.5.8
a. You can now mark when a purchase order has been ordered. This feature improves the ability to know whether or not the actual order has been made.
b. You can now mark a purchase order or requisition as urgent to help expedite the order.
c. The system will no longer allow you to delete a purchase order if material has been received against the PO. An "Override Deletion" option has been added to allow system
      administrators to override this rule.
d. The system will now generate a new PO/REQ if an existing purchase order has received all associated inventory on an open purchase order. Before, a new PO/REQ would
      only be created if the purchase order was closed.
e. Numerous UI changes, including startup form sizing.
f. Fixed the CTRL+F issue. Previously, you could just type the letter F and the search window would appear. This now requires you pressing both the CTRL key and F keys
Inventory Manager - Version 6.0.0
a. Incorporated support for eNotify. You can now e-mail item information, and receive e-mails when an item falls below its re-order point.
b. Added a new EQUIPMENT filter to the main screen. You can now filter the main item listing to only show items associated with an equipment selection. This filter also has a
      lookup option to assist in locating additional information such as serial #, asset #, etc.
c. Added a new alert option called "BELOW REORDER POINT" which will kick off an alert if an item's on-hand quantity falls below its re-order point.
d. The system now incorporates the Startup Form Sizing feature which allows you to modify the size of the main form on startup.
e. When renaming an item, the system will now update the associated items on multi-item tasks.
f. The popup menu when right-clicking on the item listing now supports a "Reset All Filters" option. This will quickly reset all 5 filters back to the "ALL" status.
g. Fixed the CTRL+F issue. Previously, you could just type the letter F and the search window would appear. This now requires you pressing both the CTRL key and F keys
h. When loading the Associated Equipment and MFG/Vendor grids, these are now loaded on their own process thread so that it doesn't slow the overall performance. You may
      notice a clock icon appear on either of these grids indicating the loading process is in progress.
i. On the associated equipment grid, the system now displays additional information regarding the item, including asset number, model number, serial number, and
      operating status.
j. The Associated Equipment grid will now display records in the defined operating state color.
k. Added a right-click menu to the Associated Equipment grid. You can now use this option or double-click on the record to view the details.
Equipment Manager - Version 4.7.23
a. A new e-mail notification option has been added. You can now send automatic notifications to selected accounts whenever an item's operating status has been changed.
b. You can now classify your operating statuses to either working, non-working, or unclassified. This feature allows the system to restrict functionality based on certain classifications.
c. When creating a new item using the COPY method, the system would prompt you asking if you want to copy the same associated inventory as the original item. This prompt will now only appear if the original item has associated inventoried items.
d. The Administration menu has been modified so that the system parameters appear on the left-side of the screen. This was done to provide a consistent layout between add-ins.
e. Changed the icon for the Custom Template function.
f. The Report Editor screen has been increased in size.
Maintenance Manager - Version 7.6.11
a. Implemented Multi-Item Task functionality.
b. Added additional notification options.
c. Added new "MARK FOR DELETION" status.
d. Added the override option when skipping work orders.
e. Added a "LOCK" option to the archive viewer.
f. Dashboard load on startup options.
g. New report hierarchy.
h. Added new reports and charts.
i. New startup screen sizing feature.
j. Added the ability to sort work orders by different fields within the work order viewer.
k. Numerous performance enhancements and bug fixes.
Equipment Manager- Version 4.5.6
a. Implemented routines to support the Multi-Item Task functionality within the Maintenance Manager.
b. Implemented the startup form sizing feature.
c. Minor performance enhancements and bug fixes.
Inventory Manager - Version 5.3.0
a. Capacity Indicator configuration - you can now configure the parameters.
b. Added new view option to the hierarchy view listing-- items by associated equipment.
c. Recurvise abort feature when viewing hierarchy.
d. New and updated reports.
e. Other Minor enhancements and bug fixes.
Maintenance Manager - Version 7.3.0
a. New Phantom routine feature. Allows you to create a "container" routine used to group other cascading routines together.
b. Scheduling fix when using the 'variable timing option' on routines.
c. Ability to edit ITEM on work requests.
d. Numerous new reports and report modifications.
e. Numerous minor UI enhancements.
f. Numerous bug fixes.
SysAgent - Version 1.2.0
a. 125% DPI support.
b. Minor UI changes.
Maintenance Manager - Version 7.0.3
a. Timespan downtime recording feature has been implemented.
b. Dashboard feature has been implemented. Key metrics can be viewed instantly.
c. Routine Analyzer feature has been implemented. You can analyze on-time performance by routine.
d. Scheduler now provides an option to allow work orders scheduled in the past to be posted.
e. Many new reports and performance charts have been implemented. Over 43 performance charts are now available.
f. New filter options.
g. Improved search capabilities, including simple searches on the main work order listing, task manager, and routine manager.
h. Multi-data source capabilities. You can now write queries to query data from both active and history databases within the same query.
i. Improved cleanup feature.
j. Additional options have been added to pop-up menus; streamlined processes.
k. On-time % now available by routine.
l. Updated icons and other UI improvements.
m. Numerous bug fixes.
Inventory Manager - Version 5.0.8
a. New Sub-Type field has been added for additional classification of items.
b. Improved image browser.
c. New Move transaction to move location along with inventory.
d. Simple search function added.
e. New Manufacturer/Vendor custom report.
f. Numerous UI changes/enhancements.
g. Bug fixes.
Equipment Manager - Version 4.3.3
a. Support for single/multiple instances.
b. Improved image browser feature.
c. Updated compatibility setting to 6.2.
d. SQL statements are now saved in mixed case.
e. Updated print icon.
Contact Manager - Version 4.3.0
a. Support for single/multiple instances.
b. Updated compatibility setting to 6.2.
c. SQL statements are now saved in mixed case.
d. Updated print icon.
Password Warehouse - Version 2.8.1
a. Support for single/multiple instances.
b. Updated compatibility setting to 6.2.
c. Updated print icon.
LabPort - Version 2.1.2
a. Support for single/multiple instances.
b. Implemented additional replacement tags to support new fields in other add-ins..
c. Updated compatibility setting to 6.2.
d. Introduced new logo.
eNotify - Version 1.1.0
a. Support for single/multiple instances.
b. Cleaned up logo.
c. Updated compatibility setting to 6.2.
Conversions - Version 3.6.0
a. Support for single/multiple instances.
b. Updated compatibility setting to 6.2.
Access Editor - Version 3.2.0
a. Support for single/multiple instances.
b. Updated compatibility setting to 6.2.
Welcome to Guru - Version 3.5.0
a. Text changes.
b. Updated compatibility setting to 6.2.
Purchasing Manager - Version 5.0.0
a. Optimized Reorder Request Process: The system has an optimized PO/Req. generation process when receiving part requests from the Inventory Manager. This new
     process gives you the ability to prevent new requisitions/PO's from being created if the requested part already exists on an open PO/Req.
b. Approval Limits: You can now apply approval limits on accounts allowing them to approve items only up to a defined amount.
c. Archive Function / Archive Viewer: You can now archive closed purchase orders from your active database. A built-in viewer is also available to view information from
     any archived database.
d. UI Changes:
      1. New Print button icon to improve visability when button is disabled.
      2. Refresh box now appears in the center of the owning form.
      3. Additional events are now being recorded to the system's datalog.
      4. The report editor no longer capitalizes SQL queries.
      5. Added a quick search to the main form by pressing CTRL+F.
e. Various Bug Fixes:
      1. System would occasionally produce an RM163 error when processing reorder requests.
      2. When converting requisitions to purchase orders, attachments and associated projects were not being copied over.
      3. When approving a previously PO that was unapproved (after it was approved), the original requisition number would be written over by the PO number.
Guru Console - Version 6.2.1
a. Ability to remove errors from the datalog.
b. Ability to filter account listing by role.
c. Implementation of the line controller v.3.9 command set.
d. Implemented SysAgent bypass function.
e. Bug Fixes: SysAgent support for multi-sites, fixed version check function.
f. Interface changes: Optimized account editor, enhanced color indicators for datalog.